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Our brand new product HYDR8ARM is a superb solution for individuals and event companies when running. Remove the need to carry a bottle, take away the event water station and the waste involved, provide a reduced contact aspect to events and brand up this superb product to show that your company is caring for our environment. Refill, reuse, rehydrate!

Also a perfect multi-purpose product for your phone, keys and more!

Standard retail price £24.95

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Product Details

  • Unique armband plus removable water bottle 300ml with water tube
  • Water resistant Polyester fabric, durable yet smooth zippers, elastic buckle strap. 
  • Variety of colours available.
  • Multiple pockets, Water Resistant, Lightweight, Adjustable elastic strap.
  • Convenient storage for phone, passport, keys, cards and cash. Perfect for outdoor walking, running and cycling.


Height 15cm - Width 10cm - Depth 5cm